I love getting my hand dirty, for me theres no greater feeling than building something with my own two hand – or in the case of this project rebuilding.

My two favorite products in the world are unashamedly 2 of the most unassuming: the Casio F-91W and humble reliable CT110 “Posite” motorbike. It’s the simplicity that wins me over, absolute function over anything else, maybe fashionable in their respective eras but I think that’s gone by the wayside for most people – they may not be pretty anymore, but they work!

Little Red has been a pet project of mine for a while (too long a while) restoring a 1987 Postie back to it’s original condition.

The bike was pursued both as a personal labor of love but also as a test of my mechanical ability. The bike was restored alongside my good friend Nicks CT, we’ve been keeping a blog on the restoration here:

Postie Mortem – A blog about the restoration of two CT110 “Postie bikes”

The bike was stripped down to bare metal, primed, painted and re-assembled. Parts were repaired where possible and purchased new where not. Engine mounted back in, I gave the old bike a good tune up so it purrs nicely. Definitely one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve tackled.