This was a collaborative project focused on the re-design of an existing consumer product – the Kambrook Blitz 2 Go. The approach taken was to increase product usability by reducing usage and cleanup steps, increase product safety, increase durability and ingress protection, and reduce manufacturing time and cost.

Major cost and time reduction was achieved by re-designing the Blitz 2 Go to include less unique manufactured components, reducing material consumption in each part and reducing requirements for different materials where possible.

The user interface was re-evaluated to increase safety and reduce the risk of accidental usage, ingress protection and spill management was improved to prolong the life of the product and further improve safety. The re-design included a reduction in the number of steps required for setup, use and subsequent cleaning – and made each step considerably simpler than that of the original product.

Form factor changes differentiated the Blitz 2 Go from competitor products and increased the products visibility and standing in store shelf hierarchy, the reduction in manufacturing cost would also allow the re-design Blitz 2 Go to remain competitive in price.